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Seafood Sam continues the legacy of Long Beach hip-hop artists

todayApril 18, 2024 1

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Seafood Sam continues the legacy of Long Beach hip-hop artists

In the vibrant hip-hop world, a new star is on the rise. Seafood Sam, hailing from Long Beach, California, makes waves with his unique blend of sophisticated lyricism, jazz-infused beats, and deeply personal storytelling. Seafood Sam is an artist to watch with a growing discography and a highly anticipated debut album, “Standing on Giant Shoulders,” set to release on April 19th.

Seafood Sam’s Background: Navigating the Dichotomies of Long Beach

Born and raised in the same city that gave us Snoop Dogg and Sublime, Seafood Sam’s music reflects his hometown’s rich diversity and dichotomies. His journey into music was shaped by his upbringing, navigating between street life and intellectual creativity, and the profound impact of losing his younger brother, Master “Chuckie” Sam, to a brain tumor at a young age.

Musical Influences: From Al Green to Miles Davis

In an interview with HYFIN Verified, Seafood Sam shared insights into his musical influences and creative process. “I look at different artists for so many different things,” he explained. “It can be Al Green because of how he just is when he up there. So cool, calm, and collected. Just, you know, it could be Miles Davis, it could be Method Man, you know, just how he just, like, it could be, it can balance around.”

Seafood Sam’s eclectic taste in music is evident in his work, which seamlessly fuses elements of jazz, soul, and hip-hop. His upcoming album, “Standing on Giant Shoulders,” pays homage to the legendary artists who have inspired him, including James Brown, Bobby Brown, and Miles Davis. “The giant shoulders in the album’s title refer to James Brown, Bobby Brown, and Miles Davis—the holy trinity who inspired Sam’s process,” he revealed.

The Creative Process: Meticulous Attention to Detail

The album follows his well-received EP “Afros in the Wind,” showcasing Seafood Sam’s artist growth and commitment to creating timeless classics. “With the album, it was more like I just started to enjoy learning how to, um, of how to, uh, I just started learning to love the process of making the music. Getting more detailed with where the streams go, where the horns go. It’s more, it’s more, I’m more hands-on in every aspect of how it was created,” he shared.

Family and Inspiration

One of the standout tracks from “Standing on Giant Shoulders” features a special guest – Seafood Sam’s young son, Salem. The inclusion of Salem’s voice on the album is a testament to the artist’s commitment to family and his desire to inspire the next generation. “Parenting is how to be a parent. Now that you have Salem, what did you take from your mom?” Element asked. “… just all morals, just stay straight on morals. That’s, that’s all…Like times will change. Everything will change. But if you stick to your morals, then everything…you can float through everything, even if it’s rocky and all that stuff, but just stick with your morals and that’s it.”

As Seafood Sam prepares to release “Standing on Giant Shoulders,” he reflects on the journey that has brought him to this point and the artists who have inspired him along the way. From the cool confidence of Snoop Dogg to the groundbreaking artistry of Anderson .Paak and Doja Cat, Seafood Sam is part of a lineage of Long Beach artists making their mark on the music world.

With his unique blend of sophistication and soul, Seafood Sam is poised to take his place among the greats. “Standing on Giant Shoulders” promises to be a landmark album, showcasing the artist’s lyrical prowess, musical versatility, and unwavering commitment to his craft. As he told HYFIN Verified, “It’s just going, and that kind of goes back to what probably what you said about the calm coolness. That was our, you know, our North Star right there. And if you go look back at any interview, Snoop had anything, he cool. He just chilling and it was a big moment. And he just like, what’s up?”

Seafood Sam is a rising star in hip-hop, and “Standing on Giant Shoulders” is set to be a defining moment in his career. With his unique blend of sophistication and soul, he is an artist to watch and one who will leave a lasting impact on the music world.


Written by: Element Everest-Blanks

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